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Yoogoin has launched its private beta!

Here we go.

After several month re-thinking our first idea, today we ship the new concept – concert aggregation – to our beta users.

This adventure starts now!

So, if you look for a concert, request a code to join the beta by subscribing the newsletter here.

We’ll send you the code in order to find your favourite concert everywhere in the world.




The Yoogoin team

Looking for gigs and live music?

Missing what’s going on in Yoogoin HQ?

Before the summer we had to make some hard decision about the Yoogoin’s road, and now we’re happy to announce our first big change: Yoogoin will focus only on live music (at least at the beginning).

In order to celebrate this, we’re opening soon a new brand website, you can have a look on our new landing page

If you work in the music sector, we’re ready to give to you an early access to our website, your feedback will be very important to us! Drop a message to hi @ and ask for a closed beta password.

That’s all, enjoy the summer!

The Yoogoin team

Mind the bridge 2013 and Yoogoin 2.0

Whoo-hooo! In the last week many things happened: we’ve been choosed by Mind the Bridge to attend their Bootcamp 2013, a two-day event in Trento to refine and work on our business idea.

It was a tiring marathon, but it helped us a lot to understand how to pitch in front of an investor!

We met a lot fantastic startups and great people from every part of the world, mentors and entrepreneurs: thank you all!


Now we’re going back to our work with a new spirit and a new version as well: welcome Yoogoin 2.0!

Ready to see a new awesome layout? Now every event has a big image!

We’ve just estabilshed A LOT of new event website partnerships, we’re going to announce them one by one in the following weeks.

Enjoy the week and remember to check what’s going on around you with Yoogoin!

Digital Festival official app!


Yoogoin is the Digital Festival official app!

Don’t miss any talk thanks to our awesome app by following all the speeches on the new map function.

We are waiting for you from the 3rd to 20th of May in Turin to have the opportunity to discuss how the digital can help us, solve the problems of everyday life and improve our working life and leisuring time.

Come and follow our co-founder talk about how to work (in and) outside Italy in the digital sector.

Yoogoin at Smau 2013 in Rome

Good news!

On the 20th and the 21st of March Yoogoin will be at Smau, one of the most important business festival in Italy.

Just in time to talk with all the event organisers will be in Rome . We just launched our business offers, ready to know about them?

Plus, we are finalists of the first Lamarck award.

What an incredible start!

Meet us at the pavillion 3, east entrance, stand C34.

Download your free entrance ticket and come to have a chat.

Event partnerships!

After crazy days going up & down – the mobile world congress in Barcelona, Startuppami in Milan, Google Campus in London – we are back with some great news.

We’ve just open our partnerships to all the event managers and event blog owners!

So, if you have an event website and you want to get new readers/attendees, it’s time to make a partnership with us.

It’s free, it’s easy and we help you to cover all the events of the world with great quality content.

Check our partnership plan for event organizers or event blog/platform owners.

Enjoy the weekend with Yoogoin!

Yoogoin, the event discovery app


1) Tell us what it is and how the idea came about. In short, what problem does it solve?

Yoogoin is an iPhone app that allows you to find out what events are happening around you. The idea came about when I lived in London. I needed to know what was happening in the city and with whom to go. It was very complicated to keep up to date with hundreds of events that were on every day; I am not a mainstream event type of person and the online guides in “Timeout” style didn’t do it for me.

I often attended couchsurfing or Meetup events; during one of these I met Cosimo Ranieri, Yoogoin co-founder. We wanted to create an app that would solve our problem: allow us to find new events, keep track of event locations and people attending.

This need is usually met by the word of mouth, both offline and online, that is, through Facebook; however Facebook events have a big drawback: they are often spam.

If am still receiving invites to events in a city I left nine years ago, something must be wrong, right?

So our goal was: find events nearby that are of interest to me, no spam, and events that I wouldn’t find otherwise.


2) In a few simple words, how does it work?

You access the app through your Facebook account, we understand what type of person you are and we show you a list of events filtered by your location and preferences.

The more you use the app, the better we’ll understand what you like and which events may be of interest to you. And we’ll find those events for you.

This we’ll be able to do from day 1, however our long-term plan is to implement a very long list of capabilities. Our goal is make Yoogoin become your go-to reference tool for any event you wish to attend.


3) What business model did you set up?

Affiliation programs. Find an event via Yoogoin, go to the event site, buy tickets and we receive from 10 to 50 percent of that sale, depending on the event. To give you an idea of the market size, every year Eventbrite alone grosses 1 billion dollars in ticket sales.


4) What are your goals?

50,000 log-ins a day, after the first year. If we reach this objective, our business model will yield enough revenue to justify the effort.


5) Yoogoin, Vamos, Wegoout. Do all of you provide the same service?
We all reach out to the same user type, but through different tools. Vamos and Wegoout show Facebook events only. Yoogoin links to more than thirty major event platforms and it filters search results based on users’ interests and navigation.
This way, users find events that are both nearby and compatible with their interests.


6) When will the app be released?
It’s just out! Here’s the link for iOs; we’re working on the web version and the Android app will follow. If you are interested in following the progress of the app, you can do so by liking us on Facebook or by signing up to receive our newsletter.


Source: Republic & Queen

The yoogoin event newsletter!


Have you noticed anything new this weekend?

Yep, we’ve got the first Yoogoin newsletter! We’re still working on it in order to make it works perfectly, but since today you will find a lot of new things to do.

Happy for this? Yes, we are too.

To start receiving the Yoogoin event newsletter simply login with Facebook on our fabulous app.