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Yoogoin has launched its private beta!

Here we go.

After several month re-thinking our first idea, today we ship the new concept – concert aggregation – to our beta users.

This adventure starts now!

So, if you look for a concert, request a code to join the beta by subscribing the newsletter here.

We’ll send you the code in order to find your favourite concert everywhere in the world.




The Yoogoin team

Looking for gigs and live music?

Missing what’s going on in Yoogoin HQ?

Before the summer we had to make some hard decision about the Yoogoin’s road, and now we’re happy to announce our first big change: Yoogoin will focus only on live music (at least at the beginning).

In order to celebrate this, we’re opening soon a new brand website, you can have a look on our new landing page

If you work in the music sector, we’re ready to give to you an early access to our website, your feedback will be very important to us! Drop a message to hi @ and ask for a closed beta password.

That’s all, enjoy the summer!

The Yoogoin team

Event partnerships!

After crazy days going up & down – the mobile world congress in Barcelona, Startuppami in Milan, Google Campus in London – we are back with some great news.

We’ve just open our partnerships to all the event managers and event blog owners!

So, if you have an event website and you want to get new readers/attendees, it’s time to make a partnership with us.

It’s free, it’s easy and we help you to cover all the events of the world with great quality content.

Check our partnership plan for event organizers or event blog/platform owners.

Enjoy the weekend with Yoogoin!

The yoogoin event newsletter!


Have you noticed anything new this weekend?

Yep, we’ve got the first Yoogoin newsletter! We’re still working on it in order to make it works perfectly, but since today you will find a lot of new things to do.

Happy for this? Yes, we are too.

To start receiving the Yoogoin event newsletter simply login with Facebook on our fabulous app.


New web layout!


While we’re waiting for the Apple store approval (urgh, uff, c’mooon), we completely redesigned the website layout, ready for lunch!

Despite what those buttons say, the app will be ready only the next week.


Enjoy the new layout with a cool features list. We’re preparing a super secret invite page but please don’t tell it anybody!


We’re so exciting to start our journey.

Please support us by becoming our fan on Facebook!