Mind the bridge 2013 and Yoogoin 2.0

Whoo-hooo! In the last week many things happened: we’ve been choosed by Mind the Bridge to attend their Bootcamp 2013, a two-day event in Trento to refine and work on our business idea.

It was a tiring marathon, but it helped us a lot to understand how to pitch in front of an investor!

We met a lot fantastic startups and great people from every part of the world, mentors and entrepreneurs: thank you all!


Now we’re going back to our work with a new spirit and a new version as well: welcome Yoogoin 2.0!

Ready to see a new awesome layout? Now every event has a big image!

We’ve just estabilshed A LOT of new event website partnerships, we’re going to announce them one by one in the following weeks.

Enjoy the week and remember to check what’s going on around you with Yoogoin!

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